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What Causes Clogged Pores and How to get Rid of Clogged Pores?

Clogged Pores

Do you know that the clogged pores on your face can make your skin look dull and shady. Let us help you learn how to get rid of clogged pores easily.

The tiny openings that exist on the skin. And they secrete oil to the face are called pores. When your skin is in a polluted environment the dirt starts accumulating on your face. After some time, this waste will permanently stick to your skin. Because you don’t cleanse it. Also, you don’t try to take it off. Similarly, the nutritious oil won’t be able to lubricate your face.

Mostly, the waste resides on your nose and forehead. Moreover, this skin problem is common among adults and teens. Sometimes, people want to clear skin from their acne and breakouts. Hence, they take medications and apply some to their face. As you know this kind of treatment takes longer duration to recover.

So when you use such medication on your face for many months. Then it will open up your skin pores. It will be easier for the unwanted material to get trapped in these tiny holes. Sometimes, they will occur because of the environment. Other times they would get through your hands on the face. In this article, you will know about what causes clogged pores and how to get rid of clogged pores.

What causes clogged pores

  • If you try and use new skin products frequently then they appear
  • They can occur because of a reaction to medications
  • Sometimes, people may get this problem through their genes
  • Also, if you use heavy makeup products
  • Similarly, people who undergo breakouts treatment may get
  • People who have unbalanced hormones
  • Consuming products that are fried in the oil
  • Humidity might cause them
  • Pollution and dirt from the environment get into the pores

How to get rid of clogged pores

Belle cote Paris mud cleanser

You can buy a mud cleanser. The belle cote Paris brand has the best mud volcanic cleansers. This cleanser comes in a foam texture. That means, it will cleanse while giving and moisturizing effect. It contains nano-sized particles that will scrub the pores. Moreover, these tiny granules of mud will penetrate the skin layer. And will clear the layer out. If you only use this cleanser, you won need a scrub. Because it has the properties of a scrub.

Qualities of the cleanser

  • It will wipe off the unwanted sebum from the skin
  • Similarly, it will restrict the formation of the pores
  • Also, your blackheads will diminish
  • Then, your bacteria will terminate its production
  • Afterward, your skin redness and swelling will heal
  • Your skin will be less shiny
  • even men can use this cleanser

List of ingredients

  • mineral free water
  • mud of marine
  • collagen of marine
  • extract from the flowers
  • extract of tea tree
  • essential oils

Application of the cleanser

First of all, you can use this cleanser more than once. Take out the pulp and spreads it on the face. Afterward, use your hands or electronic massager to clean the skin. Then, wipe it off with water.

Vitamin C serum

You can use the product for blocked pores. Because this serum will tighten your skin. Also, your pores will shrink. When the pores will reduce their size. Then the unwanted extract waste will get out of the pores.

Therefore, you will get rid of the clogged pores. Also, it will form a layer on your face for protection against exposure to the sun. Moreover, it will make your skin tone fair.

  • It will encourage the formation of collagen substance
  • Also, it will diminish the pores from the roots
  • Then, it will fade all the discolored spots from your face
  • Your skin color will become whiter in tone
  • Also, it will bring shine to your face
  • The skin cells will rejuvenate

To learn more about clogged pores and other skin care regimens, click here. You get to find all your skin care solutions in one place and find the best regimens.

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