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6 Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Shopping online

Shopping Online has skyrocketed. According to the Commerce Department, online retail sales grew 8.1% from a year ago to the first four months of 2016. Increasingly, consumers are turning to online retailers because they provide lower prices and convenience compared to in-store retailers.

Online stores in Pakistan offer consumers many benefits other than just providing an easy way to shop. A major benefit of shopping online is convenience. Without the energy, time, or mood to visit malls, people shopping online can save time and money. Internet shopping is an easy way to find cheap items or good deals, aside from its accessibility. Shoppers can choose items according to their tastes, brands, or colors since they have a wide variety of choices. Follow these tips when shopping online.

1. Pay attention to product details

You make a grave mistake if you don’t read the product description. Most online consumers these days base the majority of their purchasing decisions on the representation of the product they see on the web page. Reading and understanding the item’s content takes little time for them. Check the product information before adding an item to your cart to avoid suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse. You should not be misled by edited and photoshopped pictures that may distort the real appearance of the item.

2. Find out how much shipping will cost

Online retail stores are required to ship orders within the time stated when ordering or as stated in their advertisements. It should be delivered within 30 days from the time the order is placed if the timeframe isn’t stated or subject to change. In addition to your location, pricing, size, and delivery date, shipping costs can also change. For large orders or orders exceeding a certain amount, many companies offer “free shipping”. Consumers who want to purchase only one or two items may be discouraged by this since it can save them money.

3. Identify similar products and compare prices

You want to buy the best product at the best price when comparing product prices. Consumers are wary of bargains and discounts that are “too good to be true”, but some consumers will happily spend their money on discounted or bottom-priced items. However, lower prices don’t always indicate lower quality. Be discerning about product quality and prices if you want to get the most value for your money.

 4. Check out product reviews

Reviewing products is an easy way to find the best products. Reading product reviews and buying guides is extremely helpful before making a purchase.

The reviews of some users can give you an idea of what to expect from the product. You can use these to decide whether or not to buy the product based on real-life customer experiences.

5. Understand your rights

It is common for every e-commerce and online store to have policies about how items should be purchased. Usually, returns are very strict. Once electronics and personalized goods have been opened, some stores forbid the return of those items. You have the right to know the store’s refund and return policies as a customer. More information about your rights is available on the help pages of the site or by contacting customer service.

 6. Fraud and Scams Are Dangerous

Lastly, do not fall victim to scams. Users are concerned about deceitful fraudsters or hackers getting access to their passwords. A lot of deceitful websites posing as online shopping stores are out there attempting to get your personal information. What do you do if you notice a fake website? With Google Trusted Stores, consumers can determine which store is trustworthy by comparing and contrasting all online shopping sites.

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