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5 New-Age Indian Artists and How to Browse Their Art Online


Art embraces you into the artist’s world to experience a wave of emotion while looking at their incredible work. It is a boundless and beautiful visual form where artists showcase their expression of creativity. Worldwide, numerous prominent artists capture emotions and memories through their art.

Hence to make their mark on the list of notable artists, some new-age Indian artists are exploring the rich heritage of India through their creativity. So, here is a list of 5 new-age Indian artists whose art is considered an epitome of creative magnificence.

5 new-age Indian artists every Indian should know

You have probably heard of many famous Indian artists who have made a name for themselves. But have you heard of the other Indian artists who are also making their mark in the art world? Here are some of the new-age Indian artists who are making waves in the creative industry, so let’s get to know them better and discover their works.

1.  Ramananda Bandyopadhyay

Ramananda Bandyopadhyay is a well-known trustee member of the Indian Museum, Kolkata. His paintings show a perfect blend of ancient culture and modern life.  Over 5 decades, Ramananda’s art maintains a radiant innocence by inking his canvas with only a red, brown, yellow, green, and white colour palette. Inspired by the simplicity and the uncomplicated lives of the rustic, Ramananada won four national academy awards in 1961, 1972, 1978, and 1980.

2.  Aloke Sardar

A spiritual artist who uses charcoal, acrylic, or mixed media in paper and canvas to worship divine powers – this is Aloke Sardar in a sentence. Aloke Sardar believes his innermost desires for limitless sensuality are his inspiration, and he brings them to life through painting.

3.  Biman Bihari Das

A famous sculptor Biman Bhar Das has received several prestigious awards for his contribution to fine arts. His sculptures are aesthetically pleasing with a balance of 3 elements- design, composition, and colours.

4.  Rabin Mandal

Rabin Mandal is a brilliant and original artist whose canvases portray the severe mental and physical traumas suffered by humanity in different tragic moments. In 1964 he created a “group of eight” with other Calcutta painters to encourage modernist art in India.

5.  Lalu Prasad Shaw

Lalu Prasad Shaw is a gifted painter, sketcher, and sculptor whose art produces simple yet sophisticated results. He is a notable artist, and his artworks display in a permanent collection at the National Museum of Modern Art ( Delhi), The Birla Academy (Calcutta), and the Art Forum (Singapore).

After knowing about emerging artists making a name for themselves by breaking the mould and forging their unique styles, if you are still not convinced to buy their artwork, the next topic will surely persuade you to have their paintings in your home.

5 good reasons why you should display these artists’ artwork in your home?

When you experience art, it can evoke memories, transport you to another place, or even remind you of something else. Here are the 5 reasons to convince you to display these artists’ artwork in your home-

1.  To evoke your emotional attachment

These painters and sculptures have their styles for expressing their thoughts and ideas.

But one thing that makes these artists’ work similar is how their art reflects deep and intense emotions. The combination of the colour they use delivers a sense of connection between you and their inspiration.

2.  To support Indian artists

Indian artists are no less than other international artists in promoting their culture and tradition. However, a lack of economic support constrains them from showcasing their talent globally. Thus buying these artists’ work is a lovely gesture to support the Indian artistic community.

3.  To get your inspiration and motivation

Art holds a unique power that fills you with new vigour.

It fuels the strength and motivation inside you by breaking through your creative roadblock. So, if you are looking for inspiration, these artworks will broaden your mind to contemplate and undertake challenges that come in your path.

4.  To enriches your environment

A space full of artful beauty tends to affect the surroundings positively. It facilitates a strong message of sustainability to brighten and transform the environment. Hence by purchasing arts, you can uplift the setting around you by giving it character and warmth.

5.  To prove your love of art

If you are an art connoisseur who enjoys decorating your home by exploring and collecting various art pieces. Then your love of art should be enough to entice you to buy these artists’ works. In a nutshell, art improves your quality of life by elevating your mood and developing an ability to find creative solutions to problems.

So, after understanding all these reasons, if you are convinced and now wondering about the platform from which you can buy these artists’ art pieces, the next topic will help you with that.

Best online art gallery to discover and buy these Indian artists’ artwork

Artshoppy is a one-stop destination where you can browse these artists and other upcoming artists’ artwork. With an aim to establish the largest art trading platform, Artshoppy is connecting genuine buyers and sellers globally. But most of the time, finding original artwork at an affordable price is not easy.

And Artshoppy understands your concern. Therefore they have curated artwork from reliable artists and galleries at affordable prices to make your art buying experience incredibly easy and exciting. As you browse this website, you will explore diversified arts like contemporary, sculpture, new media, prints, photographs, and many more by visionary artists.

In contemporary art, Artshoppy offers numerous styles like expressionism, fantasy, figurative, realism, surrealism, tribal, etc., for you to buy contemporary art online. Apart from paintings and sculptures, they also have a superior range of photographs based on art deco, conceptual and digital. You can view and buy photographs online from here.

The website of Artshopper is user-friendly. You can specify the price, artists, style, material, medium, and condition to buy modern art online from your selected Indian artists. Apart from artwork, their website also has a blog and featured artists page to learn more about Indian artists, their history, and their inspiration.

Top 3 artwork recommended by Artshoppy’s customers

Artshoppy cherishes its customers by making their buying experience simple and easy. Hence their customers highly suggest other art lovers like you do the following.

1.  Buy contemporary art online from Artshoppy

Contemporary art promotes questions mainly about life. It gives you the idea that art is inseparable from your life and the world. Unlike traditional art, it includes new features in making illustrations more creative. So, if you are looking to buy contemporary art online, Artshoppy has different styles of modern art in mediums like acrylic, charcoal, oil, watercolour, stone colour, ink, etc.

2.  Buy modern art online from Artshoppy

Modern art collections are pretty popular because artists experiment with and innovate techniques to create exquisite art pieces. This art is an extension to convey the underlying mystery of the world’s existence. Therefore modern arts dominate the world market. Artshoppy offers several modern art paintings on acrylic sheets, boards, canvas, cloth, handmade paper, and rice paper to persuade individuals to buy modern art online.

3.  Buy photographs online from Artshoppy

Photographs matter in every human’s life because they tell what is important to you and capture moments that pass unremarkably. It speaks directly to your emotions. So every emotion finds a space in photographs.

For such art lovers who are fond to buy photographs online, Artshoppy has curated limited editions of photographs that define living hood, divinity, and other fleeting moments.


When you invest in artwork, you learn the story behind the artist and their intention to create that art. When you collect those artworks, you bring those stories into your life.

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