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How to draw a humpback whale

How to draw a humpback whale

Learn to draw a beautiful humpback whale with drawing ideas easily and step by step tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent drawing of humpback whales. The observation of whales is a popular tourist attraction in many regions of the world, and the vocal and curious hump whale is often the main attraction. You can create your adventure to see whales when you learn to draw a humpback whale. The whales of blow are enormous mammals that live ocean, weighing up to 40 tons. They live in groups called pods.


Although they are among the largest animals in the world, as large as a bus, they eat some of the smallest microscopic planks and small shrimp called Krill. The whales of blows are known for their “songs.” They sang obsessive melodies to communicate with each other for long distances: hundreds of kilometers. Sometimes, a song model becomes a “blow” and is adopted by one group of whales after another. Did you know? Most whales are made inside a boat, but several visits worldwide allow travelers to swim with whales. Tourists describe seeing that this massive animal comes out of the depths, looking them in the eye, as “the experience of a life.”


Drawing a humpback whale

Step 1:

Start using long curved lines to describe the lower jaw of the whale. Use a line for the top of the jaw and another for the bottom. Draw a short line in the corner of the mouth.

Step 2:

Draw the great eye of the whale. Describe the square shape of the eye using a series of curved lines. Leave a circle in the eye to indicate the pupil. It spreads the upper and lower covers using curved lines.

Step 3:

Extend a long curved line from the front of the mouth to track the top of the head and back. Fold the line at the end to cover the “V” curve of the small dorsal fin. He gives them his name, “hunchback.” Then draw another curved line that rides the end of the first.

Step 4:

Extend a long curved line through the mouth, describing the belly of the whale. Then, a series of curved lines overlap to form the pectoral fin. Remember how a double line on itself gives the tip of the fin a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 5:

Use a curved and undulating line at the top and double in to enclose the remaining pectoral fin. Then extend a long curved line behind the first fin, completing the belly contour and tail.

Step 6:

Draw the tail fins or the caudal fin. First, extend the curved lines from the sides of the tail. Note how the narrow part of the tail extends beyond these lines. Then connect the ends of the lines using two curved lines at an active point oriented inward.

Step 7:

Pour the whale throat with curved lines. These leather folds allow you to guide large amounts of seawater and filter your food: little Krill and plankton. Then draw curved lines on the pinball.

Step 8:

Draw basins or bumps in the mouth of the whale, erasing if necessary. Use a “u” line for each lump.

Step 9:

How to draw a humpback whale

Texture whales fins. Use curved and undulating lines.

Step 10:

How to draw a humpback whale

Color your cartoon hump whale. The whales are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom as a shape of camouflage. They mix with sunlight when creatures are seen from below and dark water from the ocean when animals look from above.


What color are humpback whales? Its back is gray or black, which appears blue in the water. His underwear is cream or white. Some whales are famous for solid white!

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